At Faultless Finish, we oversee the individual components of the property development lifecycle. From ideation to computer-aided site design, land or existing property acquisition, construction or remodelling, to furnishing/finishing. We possess sufficient capacity and facilities to deliver dependable solutions relevant to the African market.

As a forward thinking company in a mostly manual industry (in Nigeria), we are in constant pursuit of innovative work approaches that Minimise client involvement in day-to-day arduous tasks such as material sourcing, regulatory licences, approvals and vendor management and Deliver technology-driven functionality and aesthetics in all our structures at the maximal value for money and minimal turnaround time.

Design Consultancy

We work very closely with some of the best engineers and architects in the country to develop world class blueprints for our structures. While designing, our goal is to constantly infuse sufficient technical detail to the point where any engineering team across the globe can “pick and go” with little or no further education on the expected outcome. We spare no sheet and consequently, no detail.

3D Designs

Based on the actively African belief that ‘Seeing is Believing”, we commit significant attention to building robust 3 dimensional (3D) models of our proposed structures before project execution. This gives our clients the opportunity to evaluate the accuracy of our interpretation of their ideas and make further contributions to the outcome long before commencement. This ultimately prevents misalignment of our client’s objectives, saves cost of unforeseen changes and prevents scope creep.


We deliver in-depth project analysis through our experienced team which always seek to understand our client’s requirements and expected outcomes. We also make use of standard tools for costing, project, risk and material management. This allows us to carry out timely, high quality and environmental-friendly constructions.


The finishing of a building is just as important as its foundation. Understanding this, we provide contemporary construction finishing to exterior and interior of building carcasses. Some of our services are; Wall finishes, Ceiling finishes, Floor finishes, window treatment, glassworks, lighting(ambient and decorative lighting etc.


At Faultless Finish, we believe that a space is only as good as what you place or remove from it. We are masters in the art of ordering, using and reusing your space by identifying the pieces of furniture that are most suitable for the space and expected ambience. Services include space planning, furniture selection and assembly, Kitchen fit out, and bedroom installation.

Free Design & Consultation